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Gold Coast Trip - Part 6 The Food

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December 24, 2008

Gold Coast Trip - Part 6 The Food

Surprise not to see any food mentioned in the Gold Coast trip so far? I have specially dedicated a section for this and this will most definitely be the longest blog entry.
When asked what should I eat in Gold Coast......The answer I got was "Seafood and more seafood", so here they are....

This is the first meal we had on this trip offered by Air New Zealand.

Day 1 - Italian @ Cafe Renaissance
On the first day, we didn't really know where to go, so we walked around at surfers paradise and found this beautiful place surrounded by many cafes.

King Prawns

Seared Salmon

Day 2 - Lunch @ SeaWorld
We were at Seaworld on Day 2, it would be abit of a rush if we go out to eat, so we went to the Tavern overseeing the Dolphine marine area.

We ordered a steak sandwich with chips and salad to share as we anticipated for a seafood buffet at night.

Day 2 - Seafood Buffet @ Sharaton Resort
There were quite a few places that offer seafood buffet at Surfers Paradise. It was quite difficult to decide which one is the best. So after searching on the net and reading the review, I have decided to go with a seafood buffet at the Sharaton Resort. I think this offeres the most seafood and hence the most expensive of all.

Lots and lots and lots of seafood. NZ oysters, AUS oysters, Sashimi, Salmon, Tuna, Crabs, Bugs, NZ and AUS King Prawns.....

Grace points at her first plate.

Plate #1

Plate #2

Plate #3

Plate #4 - some hot seafood selections

Plate #5 - you see a mixture of stuff here, that means I am getting full already...

Plate #6 - Desserts

Plate #7 - Ice-cream

Left over of oyster shells, prawn shells....
Day 3 - Seafood lunch @ Max, Broadbeach
On Day 3, we decided to drive to Broadbeach and try out some of their seafood. We ended up at victoria avenue where we found quite a few seafood restaurants.

Grilled chicken salad - the beer battered chips were delicious

Ocean perch fettucine


Two very happy customers

Day 3 - Seafood dinner @ The George's Paragon
We saw the George's Paragon menu advertised on the " Dining out " guide as the best seafood restaurant. It has also received many awards, so we decided to give it a try. The place is very well deco and the atmosphere is superb, except one of the waitress is very unprofessional.

Grace browsing thru the menu and ready to order.

Lobster Mornay

Chef special with bugs, king prawns, scallops and barramundi. A plate of rice at the bottom which simmered with the flavours of the seafood. This was one of the best dishes I had on this trip.

Grace takes the honor of having the lobster.

I take the honor of having the chef special

A wall of awards for this place which I understand why after I have been there.

Day 4 - Mexician @ The Aztec
On day 4, we wanted to try something different, we wanted to take a break from seafood, so we looked thru the dining out guide book and decided to go try out some mexican food. About a 15mins drive, we are at the Aztec on victoria avenue, Broadbeach.
Grace picked up the huge menu and getting ready to order once again

Without much of experience with mexician food except for nachos.... It took me a while to decide. Yeah... I think i will have this one

Hidalgo - Chicken enchilada, beef enchilada, rice & beans
Mariscos Burrito with prawns, scallops and fish - Flour tortilla filled with beef, beans, sour cream, cheese, baked in oven, garnished with sweet black olives, served with rice & beans

Grace is getting impatient....Can I start eating now ?

Day 5 - Lunch @ Brisbane Chinatown
It was Sunday yet another beautiful day, we decided to head to Brisbane for a visit. Being on a Sunday, that means I get to park for free on the street. Brisbane Chinatown is located near Wickham street north of Brisbane central city. We quickly browsed around and decided to try out some traditional chinese food.

The typical HK BBQ - Roast pork and Soya chicken

Another typical HK food - Wonton Noodle

Grace having the roast pork and soya chicken

I am having the noodle

Day 5 - International Cusine @ Sage
It is back to more seafood again. Once again we drove to victoria avenue at Broadbeach in the search of some more seafood. We parked the car at victoria avenue and walked around and found the Sage restaurant - an international cusine at Queensland avenue.
It was a very relaxing place

Grace is indecisive of what to eat after having tried so many seafood already.
Grace: Um.... let me think....

The food finally arrived. First up, Surf and Turf

and then King Prawns Rossitto

Grace: Come on... Can I start?

Day 5 - Dessert @ Caffee Expresso
After dinner, we had a walk around victoria avenue experiencing the night life. We then walked pass a display of cakes and of cause Grace couldn't resist and had to try it out.

I don't remember what this is as I am not really a fan of desserts. I think it is Hazelnut something, but nevertheless, it looks delicious.

But I think Grace is a fan of dessert thou. She is so focus on the cake.

Grace confirms it taste as good as it looks.....yummm...

Day 6 - Chinese @ Golden Legends Malaysian Restaurant
On day 6, we had the urge to try out this Malaysian restaurant at Surfers Paradise near Qdeck which is full of people and extra tables are being spreaded to the pedestrain walkway. We also eager to try out some Chinese seafood. The seafood is pretty expensive here, their 海上鮮 (fish) is about AU$138 per kg, lobsters and crabs are also charged by $/kg.

Our selection of the night were Ginger and Spring onion Fish

Crispy chicken

King Prawn curry

Grace gives 10/10 ?

Day 7 - Taste of the local seafood market
We drove to the local seafood market..(well actually it was on the boats) a search of some local fresh seafood. We saw this place on the way to Sea World and on that night we saw on TV that the market actually offers "Last night prawns" where the prawns are catch overnight and sell fresh in the morning. So we headed to the market early for some nice fresh prawns on the last day on the trip.

We asked for 1kg worth of prawns please....

Grace and I holding a 1kg worth of last night prawns

Once we got back to our apartment, we are getting ready to cook

Grace prepares the table....Can't have seafood without any wines, right?

The most relaxing place to have local seafood is on the 42th floor of our apartment.

A quick lightly cook of the prawns then added ice to chill the prawns to avoid overcook.

and now it is the time to eat, Grace and I enjoy our fresh prawns overseeing the riverside.

and we are done... very satisfy. The prawns were very very tasty.

Day 7 - Irish @ Fiddlers Green
On our last day, we spent some times at surfers paradise, walking, shopping and checking out the Surefers Paradise's night life. At dinner time, we ended up at an Irish Bar - The Fiddlers Green.
A typical Irish Bar setting.


Grace: Salt or pepper?

Our Entree - Garlic bread
Only two left on the plates, one in my stomach and one in Grace's.

Our selections for tonight are Lamb shanks

and BBQ spare ribs

Me: Which one should I choose?

Grace: Can I have both?

Grace chose the spare ribs, picks up the fork, wet her lips and starts to eat.

While I waste no time and use my hands to dig in.

On the night, last but not least before we leave..... a taste of Australian Mango...

Now this should be my longest blog entry with 90+ photos. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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