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14-24mm Wide Angle @ Chinese New Year’s Eve

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January 25, 2009

14-24mm Wide Angle @ Chinese New Year’s Eve

Went to Yum Cha and movie on Chinese New Year's eve. Also tested out the Nikon 14-24mm lens. The lens is very wide, capable of pretty much fitting everything in the frame. Rule of thumb is to get up close and fill the frame, but pay attention to distortion and DOF.

Yum Cha @ Regal

14mm Wide angle inside Regal

Getting up close @ 14mm

Make use of perspective distortion to exzagerate your objects creatively.

雞批 and 蝦餃

How many dim sims did we have?

We then went to see "Yes man" by Jim Carrey @ the Readings

Coming Soon: The Tale of Despereaux

Extreme shot @ 14mm, ISO6400, f/2.8

Waiting for the movie to start

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