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June 16, 2010

Adobe Lightroom 3

Adobe Lightroom 3 is now officially out of beta. The release came after some significant testing from the two beta releases (beta and beta 2). I have received my copy of LR3 today and will have more reviews once I had a proper go at it.
So what’s new in Lightroom 3? Quite a lot really
Check out the Lightroom 3 resources to find out more details
Here is an extract on what’s new from computer darkroom.
Workflow and Library:
  • Faster thumbnail scrolling and module switching
  • Completely redesigned import dialog
  • Publish Collections
  • Backup on exit
  • Enhanced sorting (i.e. sort by aspect ratio)
  • Enhanced collection and smart collection functionality
  • Import CMYK files
  • New thumbnail badge to show when photo is in a Collection
  • Import DSLR video files
  • Tethered Capture
  • Animation in Library Histogram
  • Optimise catalogue command included in File menu
  • Improved preview quality
  • New Library module keyboard shortcuts for more efficient module switching
  • IPTC extensions in Metadata panel
  • Lens and focal length added to Metadata filter bar and Smart Collections
  • Improved raw conversion
  • Improved sharpening
  • Improved colour noise reduction
  • Improved luminance noise reduction
  • Point Curve in Tone Curve panel
  • Process versions renamed to 2003 and 2010 (Current)
  • Process version switch via pop-up menu in Camera Calibration panel
  • New Grain filter
  • Improved Post-crop vignette
  • Collections panel added
  • Simplified local adjustment brush and graduated filter panel
  • Automatic profile based lens corrections
  • Manual lens and perspective corrections
  • New develop presets
  • Enhanced slideshow export, which includes HD video
  • Export video files as originals
  • Ability to limit file size on export
  • Music selection on Mac simplified and decoupled from iTunes
  • Sync slideshow length to duration of selected music track
  • Custom Print Package allowing free-form layout of multiple photos on a page
  • Enhanced watermarking
  • New templates for Web and Print modules
  • Enhanced Software Development Kit (SDK)
The new import interface

The Develop interface. Notice the lens correction applied the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens profile automatically.

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