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August 23, 2009

Pencarrow Trip

Another prefect weekend for trekking. The trip started early at Burdan Gate carpark at the end of Muritai Road. Heading south is the beautiful Pencarrow Coast Road. The trek is fairly long and will cover quite a bit of distance, so travel light is essential. I only brought the Nikon D700, Nikon 20mm f/2.8 and filters.

The first two hours is a relax coastal walk to Pencarrow Head.

As you near Pencarrow Head you can climb the path up the hill promontory for spectacular views from the historic Pencarrow Lighthouse

Pencarrow Lighthouse - Built in 1858, was the first in New Zealand.

We stopped for lunch at the lighthouse, took a break, admiring the spectacular view from the top.

We then continue our trek to Bluffpoint lookout where we spotted the second Pencarrow Lighthouse by the coast. Owing to occasional fog obscuring the light, the low level lighthouse was built in 1906

At this point we have already spent four hours there, we then continue to trek around Lake Kohangapiriri for the next two hours which goes through a bit of wetland and farmland.

At the end of the lakeside track, it exits out to the beach which is about two hours away from the entrance at Muritai Road.

On the way back, we passed the lower level Pencarrow lighthouse.

By the time we return to the entrance. The sun is already starting to set. This ends our eight hours trip at Pencarrow.

Thanks Grace for sticking by :D

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