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The Complete DIY Bounce Flash Kit – Full Snoot, Half Snoot and Bounce Card

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July 6, 2010

The Complete DIY Bounce Flash Kit – Full Snoot, Half Snoot and Bounce Card

To achieve a soft diffused flash, often you will need to use a soft box or bounce your flash off walls and ceilings. You can also get a diffusion dome and attach onto the flash which is a bit better than using a bare flash.

Bare Flash

Flash with diffusion dome  

There are also other products out there that are designed to diffuse the flash light, such as the Gary Fong accessories.


Diffusion Dome

Gary Fong Lightsphere Cloud

But to have something that works as good but cost very much less. I have made myself a complete bounce flash kit using foam mats and  an elastic band. There are many advantages of using foam mats to create the attachments.

Light – The foam mat is light,  it doesn’t add additional weight to your camera bag

Flexible – The foam mat is flexible, so you can roll it up and store it anywhere in you camera bag unlike carrying a Gary Fong :). You can size it/bend it the way you want. You also don't need to worry about hitting it against walls

Snaps on easily – It is effortless to put on the attachments, simply slip it on and hold it in place using an elastic band

Replaceable – It is cheap to replace if you lose it on the road.

Large diffusion area – You can design the size of the bounce card to suit.


Full Snoot

I have created a full snoot using one single foam mat and hold in place using an elastic band. The snoot is used to create a directional light.

DIY Full Snoot

Half Snoot

Half Snoot can also be created using one single foam mat. Simply fold it to the required size and hold it in place using an elastic band. The half snoot can be rotated each side very easily. Half snoot is used to minimise lens flare caused by the flash and minimise direct flash to the subject similar to how barn gate works. Half snoot is also useful to block the flash from flashing into the guests behind you.

DIY Half Snoot 

Bounce Card

To create a bounce card, you will need one single black foam mat and one single white foam mat. The flash is pointed upward to light up the white area of the bounce card which is effective soften and diffused. The diffused light is then bounced forward to light up your subject while also bouncing off the ceiling.

DIY bounce card

This is how they look when the flash is fired.

Bounce card - The white area of the bounce card is lighted up to create a diffused light.

The half snoot – Provide a directional light while preventing the light flashing towards the undesired side.

DIY bounce card & directional light modifier

If you want to purchase the complete DIY bounce flash kit ~ $15.50NZD free shipping, give me an email. Accepting orders within New Zealand only.

The kit includes:
3x Black foam mats (A4 size)
1x White foam mat (A4 size)
2x Elastic bands
Adhesive tapes

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Blogger Maria at Lone Star Lens said...

Wow this is an incredible coincidence. I just made some snoots with some foam I bought at Michael's for 99 cents per sheet, and some double sided velcro. They work great too....I got the idea from a book on flash photography I recently read. I love reading your posts, I think I'll follow you.

July 25, 2010 at 7:13 AM  

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