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September 1, 2009

Think Thank Lens Changer and Lowepro Lens Case

Using a belt system is by far the best option when you want to keep you gear accessible while you are shooting. The two most popular belt system come from Thinktank and Lowepro which offer a full range of belt system components. Check out my blog post on the Think Tank Modular set.

Which belt system is better? Think Tank or Lowepro ?

Only yourself can answer that question. But let’s do some comparisons.

Below are the Think Tank Lens Changer 35 and Lowepro LC 2S which are designed to hold a standard zoom such as 24-70mm f/2.8.  Both are about the same size and build quallity.

Think Tank 35 and Lowepro LC2S for 24-70mm f/2.8

For telephoto lens, the LC 4 from Lowepro and  Lens Changer 75 Pop Down from Think Tank are both suitable for the 70-200mm f/2.8.

In terms of size, the LC4 is quite a bit bigger than the Len changer 75 pop down due to its thicker padding.

Think Tank 75 Pop Down and Lowepro LC4 for 70-200mm f/2.8

Some remarks:

Lowepro – Offers more padding and hence can be used as lens storage or lens carry bag. Access to the lens is by unzipping the top cover. The top cover helps to prevent dust from getting in. The lens cases are part of Lowepro’s Slip Lock system.

Think Tank – Offers less padding but compressible. This helps to fit them better in a suitcase or backpack. While the small amount of padding will give some protection, it is probably not ideal for carrying lenses around. Access to the lens by releasing the bungee cord is arguably faster but risks dust to get in.

Two major differences are in the top access and padding

Here is what the two system look like with the Think Tank pro speed belt. Note that the Lowepro lens cases are compatible with the Think Tank belt, but not vica versa. The Think Tank modules do feel abit more stable than the Lowepro lens cases, probably because of the wider flaps.

Think Tank Lens Changers and Lowepro Len Cases on pro speed belt

In summary:

If you want to use the Lens Cases to carry Lens around/storage then go with LOWEPRO

If you are an event shooter and want something not too bulky so you can move around, then go with THINK TANK

If you need to store you Lens Cases easily in a backpack or suitcase,then go with THINK TANK

If you shoot in a rugged place like in a warzone, then go with LOWEPRO

If you are a person who worry about your lenses getting bumped or dusted all the time, then go with LOWEPRO

If you are a traveller who carry your lenses mainly in a separate backpack, then go with THINK TANK

If you are a professional photographer, then go with THINK TANK, assuming you have enough revenue not to worry about dust and scratches on your lenses.

The main purpose of a belt system is to provide fast access to your gear when you are on the run, also the ability to take some weight off your shoulder. The lack of padding on Think Tank might not be as crucial to some, because they are not intending to use it for storage or transportation.

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